Online poker is different from playing in a live casino. You should still follow some basic rules when playing online poker to ensure that everyone has a good experience. It is important to understand the rules of good behaviour for players.

Online poker etiquette is largely dependent on how you use the chat feature. You should be polite online, just as you would not use inappropriate language at a casino. Don’t criticize other players when you chat. Do not criticize others’ mistakes or boast about your winnings. Talking about your Joker388 hand with others is a bad idea. Wait until the hand is finished before you start to discuss it. Talk about the hand only after it is over. Don’t discuss what might have happened if your hand was folded. That is something that only you are interested in.

Online poker etiquette includes refraining from distracting others or slowing down the game. You should stop trying to contact a player if you don’t get a reply. People don’t like to be distracted by the chat feature. You can always use the “sitout” feature if you need to stop and take a break. This will ensure that your hand is automatically folded and won’t leave other players waiting. You should be able to play in all the poker rooms at once. Chatting can slow down the game and should be avoided. Remember, the main reason people visit online casinos to play poker is not to chat.

Online joker388 Etiquette