The Internet is a big place, but there are ways to keep your children safe. Time limits, privacy settings, and other methods are important. You also have to be aware of Cyberbullying and MMOs. These tips will help you keep your children safe while playing games online.

Time limits

Setting time limits when playing online games for children can prevent excessive screen time and ensure that you get your child’s full attention. You can set limits based on your child’s age. For example, a child under six should spend no more than 30 minutes on a video game a day. It’s also important to know which games your child plays. Try to avoid ones that feature graphic violence or sex.

It’s important to remember that games can become addictive. It can also be hard to control how much time children spend playing. A study by Rutgers University-New Brunswick found that children who played online games for four hours or more per day were more likely to skip school and be truant. However, if children played for less than an hour per day, they were more likely to stay engaged with schoolwork and participate in extracurricular activities.

Privacy settings

Parents have to pay attention to several factors when it comes to keeping their children safe while playing poker online games. For example, parents need to monitor games’ age ratings because some games have violent themes or gore. They also need to decide whether their children are mature enough to handle these types of games.

It is essential to make sure that your children’s gaming passwords are strong and that they don’t reveal personal information, such as their names or photos. Additionally, children must only play with other people they know and trust. They should not share any personal information, including their email address, phone number, street address, or school address, with strangers.


Online games can be a dangerous place for children to be. Although many gaming environments are moderated, there are still many areas where communication is unmonitored. This puts children at risk for cyberbullying and dangerous strangers. The best way to protect children from these situations is to talk to them about the risks and monitor their gaming habits.

To protect your child from online dangers, always check the rating system of the game you are about to download. The two main systems are ESRB and PEGI. Be careful, however, because Steam games aren’t always rated by either system.


Regardless of the type of game, there are several ways to protect your children while they play online. The most important thing is to monitor the game’s content, and you should talk to your children about any language that may seem offensive. Some games allow you to report abusive language or content. You should also make it a point to educate your children on how to report inappropriate content on the internet.

Parents should also read the code of conduct and community rules for games. These are important for parents and kids because they help parents determine whether a game is safe or not. Knowing the rules will help kids report any inappropriate behavior, and you can also learn about the game’s privacy policies.

MMOs offer parental controls

There are a number of different parental controls available on MMOs that will help parents keep children safe while playing the game. Many of these features can be used to control chat and instant messaging, while others are used to restrict certain types of games and content. Other features include the ability to report and mute other players and chat filters.

While MMOs can be fun and addictive, there is a danger that playing them without parental supervision can lead to cyberbullying, bullying, and other negative effects. Because of this, it is important to set rules regarding in-game purchases and keep an eye out for any instances of cyberbullying. In addition, parents should research and monitor the games before giving them to their children.

How to Keep Your Children Safe When Playing Online Games